NetScaler (SDX)

Citrix NetScaler SDX is a service delivery networking platform for enterprise and cloud datacenters. NetScaler SDX supports multiple NetScaler instances on a single hardware appliance.

NetScaler, which uses the XenServer hypervisor, can be partitioned by carriers and service providers to create individual accelerators for separate cloud customers.  An administrator can partition the physical box into as many as 16 virtual instances so that enterprises can run specific virtual versions of the SDX with different settings, configurations and software versions tuned to work with specific services within an enterprise.

One of the key barriers to cloud adoption is Multi-tenancy and data security because enterprise customers fear their data could be exposed to other cloud service customers. Citrix hopes products like NetScaler let service providers guarantee isolation, which could be an important feature in coaxing enterprises on to the cloud.

This was last updated in March 2013

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