Google AutoML Vision

Google AutoML Vision is a machine learning model builder for image recognition, offered as a service from Google Cloud.

AutoML Vision's machine learning code allows virtually anyone to provide the tagged images required to train a system that is learning computer vision, enabling it to perform categorization and other image recognition tasks.

Building a new model for computer vision and image recognition is a very specialized, large task. Currently, there is a shortage of workers in machine learning and data science fields, and that shortage can create a barrier to the development of new models. By providing machine learning code for visual tasks, Google AutoML Vision allows users without specialization in the field to use a drag-and-drop interface to provide images and tags to train the tool for a desired task.

Machine learning code as a service is relatively new, but AutoML Vision has potential competition in Clarifai and Microsoft Cognitive Services, both of which are pre-trained models that can be customized for image recognition and speech recognition or decision making.

As of this writing, pricing for Google AutoML Vision is not finalized and developers must apply to access the service. Vision is the first of a number of planned Cloud AutoML offerings. Google also intends to offer its machine learning algorithms for natural speech recognition, translation, video applications and other applications.

This was last updated in April 2018

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