Apple Managed Open In

Apple Managed Open In is a security feature released in the Apple iOS 7 mobile operating system that allows IT to configure which applications employees can use to access data.

Open-in management provides basic mobile application management (MAM) and can be used as part of an enterprise data loss prevention (DLP) strategy for iOS devices.

With Managed Open In, IT administrators can whitelist apps it can control and blacklist those it cannot. This enables IT to compartmentalize data and control its flow between managed and unmanaged applications, blocking users from opening controlled data in unmanaged apps.

IT can change several open-in management settings through iOS configuration profiles, including which applications employees can use to open email attachments.

Managed Open In divides an iOS device into two environments -- one for managed work apps and one for personal use. However, open-in management cannot split a device into more than two environments, which becomes an issue in the case of multi-user devices. Additionally, when IT installs a managed app and the user already has that application, IT must uninstall the original app, which could cause the loss of previously stored or synchronized documents.

This was last updated in March 2015

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