Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple Smart Keyboard is a wireless, detachable accessory for the iPad Pro that allows users to input text without using the touchscreen interface.

The Apple Smart Keyboard is 4 mm thick and comes with the standard 64 keys of letters, characters and commands. The keyboard connects to the iPad Pro tablet with the Smart Connector, a sensor along the edge of both devices that also serves as the charger. Users can attach the keyboard to the iPad Pro to interact with it more like a PC, or remove the keyboard and interact with the tablet solely through its touchscreen. When the keyboard is attached, users can fold the keyboard onto the screen to function as a cover.

Three layers make up the Apple Smart Keyboard: polyurethane on top, conductive fabric in the middle that enables the battery charging and communication between keyboard and tablet, and a microfiber lining for screen protection. The keyboard is finished with a water-resistant and stain-proof coating.

The smart keyboard integrates with iOS 9 to support keyboard shortcuts that perform quick actions such as switching between apps. Some iOS 9 apps also come with custom shortcuts.

As of this writing, Apple Smart Keyboard costs $169 and is sold separately from the iPad Pro. Other manufacturers such as Logitech have released third-party keyboard options with Smart Connector support for the iPad Pro as well.

This was last updated in November 2015

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