Blue Cloud

Blue Cloud is an approach to shared infrastructure developed by IBM. The goal of IBM's Blue Cloud is to provide services that automate fluctuating demands for IT resources. The set of all the connections involved is sometimes called the "cloud."

The primary objective of the Blue Cloud project is to facilitate distributed computing within data centers, rather than performing tasks on individual machines or through remote servers. Blue Cloud makes use of virtualized Linux images and parallel workload scheduling. Blue Cloud also employs IBM's Tivoli software to provide demand-based performance by provisioning resources among end users and monitoring the condition of provisioned servers.

The Blue Cloud concept arose as a result of IBM's research on an innovation portal called the Technology Adoption Program. Blue Cloud is supported by hundreds of engineers and developers worldwide and employs open source software, standards, technology and services. Blue Cloud offerings are expected to become publicly available in 2008 for systems with PowerPC and x86 processors.

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