real-time marketing

Real-time marketing is a method of targeting individual consumers wherever they may be, based on current data. Real-time marketing helps advertising maximize its influence by capitalizing on current events, trends and the whims of customers.

With real-time marketing, the marketer uses information involving customer feedback, current events, social media and other trends to created crafted marketing messages that act as influence amplifiers. Real-time marketing helps catch people with offers and information at moments when they are most likely to be convinced to buy. For example, a sports fan who has recently purchased tickets for a team event might easily be marketed a jersey to wear to the event before the date of the game. Advertising after the game would be less effective or perhaps even completely ineffectual.

Real-time marketing is a recent trend sweeping advertisers and trying to win the most product makers and service provider clients. However, the complicated mechanisms behind the programmatic marketing required for real-time consumer targeting can present challenges themselves.

This was last updated in February 2019

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