E-Handbook: Get smart about threat intel tools and services Article 1 of 2

Strength in numbers: Threat intelligence tools can't go it alone

It sounds great to be able to assess information from threats targeting organizations all around the globe and not just the ones coming directly at you. But threat intelligence tools, and the loads of data they deliver, can turn out to be about as useful as junk mail. Expensive junk mail.

This handbook on global threat intelligence gathers expert advice on how to determine if your company would benefit from a global threat intelligence feed and, if so, how to best put the security information such a tool delivers to use. At the top of the list is being sure the expertise exists on staff to fine-tune threat intelligence tools to the realities of your organization.

Although progress is being made on standards for propagating and categorizing threat data points, the jury is still out on whether receiving feeds of breaking news about specific information security threats will benefit the average enterprise. But our experts agree that, even if global threat intelligence tools provide a benefit, they can't replace other key security tools. In the three tips that make up this handbook, readers will learn how to work with threat intelligence feeds and how to work them into a broader security plan.