rich presence technology (RPT)

Rich presence technology (RPT) is an enhanced form of presence awareness in which participants can determine if other users are online and if so, observe to a limited extent what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Basic presence services divulge only the availability of another user. Rich presence goes further; subscribers can let others know:

  • their location
  • whether their device is mobile
  • its specifications
  • operating system
  • local time
  • personal messages
  • current employer or client
  • the level of privacy desired.
  • whether the person is typing

Rich presence does not allow the transmission of sensitive data that could be used to harm or inconvenience the identified user. Such information may include criminal data, medical data, bank account information, tax records, Social Security numbers and unpublished phone numbers. In addition to these taboos, some of which may be dictated by local, state or federal law, users can add their own restrictions to ensure that their privacy or security is not compromised.

This was last updated in May 2008

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