Apple Joint Venture

Apple Joint Venture is an IT support and training service geared toward small and midsized businesses. It consists of three phases: Get Set Up, Get Trained and Stay Running.

As part of Get Set Up, the Apple Business Team transfers data from old PCs or Mac computers to new ones. This includes email, contact information, calendars, music, photos, bookmarks and documents. On phones and tablets, Get Set Up also includes a brief tutorial on available features while offering assistance for enabling and personalizing your device, setting up email accounts, installing applications and transferring your address book.

Get Trained provides member organizations with up to three two-hour training sessions per annual term. The instructional sessions take place at an Apple Store and teach employees how to use Apple products and services for the enterprise.

Stay Running is a technical support program that allows companies to make in-store appointments or speak with an Apple Genius staff member by phone. These consultations determine when members need repairs, what the turnaround time will be and then arrange for repair service if the issue can't be resolved over the phone. Stay Running also includes an equipment loaner service and a feature called AnyTime Tune-up, during which Apple runs diagnostics and installs any requested hardware or software purchased through Apple.

Joint Venture agreements cover anywhere from five to 100 registered Apple systems -- one system can include one Mac computer, up to two Apple Cinema Displays, one iPhone, one iPod, one iPad and any Apple peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, trackpad or storage device. Joint Venture agreements require a full-year annual commitment. The service does not provide cross-level or application-level support.

This was last updated in March 2015

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