Amazon CloudSearch

Amazon CloudSearch is a scalable cloud-based search service that forms part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). CloudSearch is typically used to integrate customized search capabilities into other applications. According to Amazon, developers can set a search application up and deploy it fully in less than an hour.

To set a search application up, the developer creates and configures a search domain and then uploads the data they want to make searchable. Documents can be uploaded in either Javascript Object Notation (JSON) or Extensible Markup Language (XML). Once the data has been uploaded, the service automatically provisions the required resources and deploys the search index. As the query rate increases or decreases, the service scales up or down accordingly. Developers or administrators can change parameters and settings without having to re-upload data.

Amazon CloudSearch supports faceted searching, free text searching, text processing, Boolean expressions, customized relevance ranking, field-based sorting, and other advanced functions.

The service is made available as a pay-as-you go pricing plan without up-front costs or extended contracts.

See a video introduction to getting started with CloudSearch:

This was last updated in May 2013

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