Amazon Developer Services

Amazon Developer Services is a suite of tools and services that enable a developer to build, test and sell applications and games in the Amazon Appstore. Amazon Developer Services includes software development kits for building apps for Android or iOS mobile devices, multiple platform engines, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Alexa-enabled devices, PC and Mac.

To access the suite, a user registers for an Amazon developer account and access Amazon Developer Services via a web-based portal at A developer submits apps to the Appstore, where Amazon assesses them for quality standards before publishing.

A developer team can monetize applications using the following services and application programming interfaces (APIs):

  • Merch by Amazon: A service that lets a developer add revenue through customized t-shirt sales produced and shipped by Amazon.
  • Amazon Coins: A feature that lets Amazon customers buy coins in bulk to receive discounts toward Appstore purchases.
  • In-App Purchasing API: Enables a developer to offer subscriptions and content for purchase within an app or game. Amazon manages payment processing and rights management for the developer.
  • Mobile Ads API: Provides an in-app display from Amazon and other advertisers across the Amazon Mobile Ad Network.

Developers can extend user reach and application engagement with a variety of services and APIs:

  • Amazon Device Messaging: Enables push notifications from the cloud to consumer devices for gameplay updates or other relevant messages.
  • GameCircle and Whispersync: Video game development features that enable an end user to communicate with other users across devices. A developer also can implement achievements and stat leaderboards. Whispersync also syncs game saves, including progress made during offline play.
  • Login with Amazon: Enables a customer to log into an app with his or her Amazon accounts. The developer receives customer data while reducing time spent on registration.
  • Advertise Your App: A feature that enables a developer to advertise applications to U.S. customers on Fire tablets and mobile devices on the Amazon Mobile Ad Network.
  • Developer Promotions Console: A feature that lets a developer run temporary sales or discounts on apps. A developer can manually adjust item prices or apply percentage-based discounts.
  • Amazon Incentives API: Enables a developer to distribute gift codes for Amazon products as an end-user incentive or for payment disbursement.

Amazon Developer Services also provides several tools to help developers build apps, including:

  • Amazon Fling: A cross-platform software development kit that enables a development team to create apps with multi-screen capabilities for Fire TV and establish two-way device communication to and from mobile apps.
  • Amazon Maps: A feature that enables a developer to add interactive 3D maps to a Fire tablet and highlight landmarks.
  • Developer Publishing API: A REST API that automatically creates and updates apps in the Appstore for larger catalogs, saving time over manually publishing each app.

Amazon Developer Services also provides tools to help test and submit apps to the Appstore. A development team can use the Alexa Skills Kit to build skills that connect with consumers through Alexa devices, and the team can add Alexa capabilities to any device with a microphone and speaker via the Alexa Voice Service.

Amazon Developer Services supports a number of plugins and extensions for multi-platform apps, including Unity, Adobe Air Native Extensions, Apache Cordova and Xamarin.

Amazon Developer Services also has a Dash Replenishment feature, which enables consumer-facing internet of things devices to automatically reorder an Amazon product.

The Amazon Appstore is available globally to customers in nearly 200 countries.

This was last updated in August 2017

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