Amazon Pinpoint

Amazon Pinpoint is a marketing and analytics service hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud that enables an organization to engage with and track metrics related to its application end users.

With Amazon Pinpoint, an AWS user can measure customer engagement and generate analytical data from its applications. A marketing team can then use this insight to strengthen campaigns, and determine how to most effectively communicate with its customers.

To get started with Amazon Pinpoint, an AWS user adds a project to the AWS Mobile Hub and then chooses the project in the Pinpoint console. Through the console, a user can define audience segments, send out messages to customers and view analytics.

Amazon Pinpoint features

A marketer can use Amazon Pinpoint to contact his or her customers through multiple communication channels, including push notifications, emails or text messages. A user can also define audience segments and then engage an audience with specific, tailored messages.

For example, a user could segment customers based on criteria, such as the frequency of application use or the type of mobile device or operating system they use. To implement segments, a user can either create new ones within Pinpoint or import existing ones into the service.

A marketer can define a campaign schedule to send targeted messages to app end users. The marketer chooses the project in the Pinpoint console that he or she wants to target, selects the audience segment and preferred communication channel, writes a message, schedules the campaign and then manages the results.

Amazon Pinpoint analytical uses

An Amazon Pinpoint API enables an application to report custom data back to the service for analysis.

A business can then use this data to analyze customer behavior, including their engagement, demographics and purchase activity. A marketer can also perform analytics related to campaigns to track, for example, the number of push notifications sent to customers and how many of those notifications resulted in a customer using an app.

A Pinpoint user can also visualize data with charts. Different chart options include:

  • Overview charts that summarize user engagement and campaign metrics;
  • Campaign charts that aggregate data from all application campaigns;
  • Demographic charts that provide information about the devices on which your application is installed;
  • Events charts that show trends related to custom events you define. Events represent different  actions an end user might take with your application, such as purchasing a product;
  • Usage charts that let you visualize application usage time and customer retention;
  • Revenue charts that provide insight into customer purchases on your application and the revenue generated by it;
  • User charts that track usage metrics related to endpoints and end users, along with user authentication.

A Pinpoint user can also create and analyze data through funnels, which measure a customer's completion of a series of steps within an application. This can help marketers track conversion rates and other metrics pertaining to customer behavior.

A Pinpoint user can extend his or her data to other AWS analytics services, such as Amazon Kinesis for real-time data processing.

Amazon Pinpoint pricing

AWS provides a free tier of service for Amazon Pinpoint, which includes the first 5,000 targeted users per month, the first 100 million application events per month and the first one million push notifications per month at no charge. After a user surpasses the free tier numbers, AWS charges based on a pay-per-use model, according to those metrics.

This was last updated in January 2018

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