Amazon WorkDocs

Amazon WorkDocs is an Amazon Web Services online collaboration tool that allows a business to store, share and update files from different devices. Previously called Amazon Zocalo, Amazon WorkDocs reduces multiple versions of files being sent from one end user to another, instead providing one constant location for file revisions.

Amazon WorkDocs supports common file type, including .doc, .docx, .xls and .xlsx. WorkDocs supports tablets as well as a range of other mobile devices. A user chooses a folder on his or her computer to sync files, allowing files to automatically upload to WorkDocs through an encrypted connection and synchronization with other devices.

With Amazon WorkDocs, a user can send a file to a team for feedback without having to attach it to an email. The user can highlight a section of a file or specific text within a file to provide feedback. The service uses an overlay display that enables a user to see all comments aggregated in one place. A user can set deadlines for team feedback and track files for review. Amazon WorkDocs automatically saves previous versions of each file.

WorkDocs provides administrative controls to restrict access to files. The WorkDocs console allows an administrator to view audit logs to track user and file activity by time, IP address and device. An admin can refuse access to users outside the organization, and users can dictate who can access or download files. An admin can also apply storage limits to users. As with other AWS storage products, a user can determine which AWS region they prefer to use WorkDocs, as long as the service is available in that region. All files and comments are encrypted at rest.

A user can integrate his or her own Active Directory, allowing an admin to control which users can access WorkDocs. To integrate an on-premises Active Directory, an admin must configure an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud with a hardware VPN connection to on-premises resources or establish a dedicated connection with AWS Direct Connect.

This was last updated in May 2016

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