Amazon WorkMail

Amazon WorkMail is a managed email and calendar service for businesses that is hosted on the Amazon Web Services public cloud.

Amazon WorkMail, which supports both desktop and mobile devices, centralizes back-end control over email and calendar services. An end user can interact with an existing email client in the same fashion he or she normally would, and WorkMail runs on the back end to enable security and storage management. Amazon WorkMail integrates with email applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, iOS or Android email, and any client that supports Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).

A user can also access his or her email, calendar and contacts via the Amazon WorkMail web application. There, the user and can manage settings, such as automatic replies and shared calendars.

The service is available through the AWS Management Console. Amazon WorkMail charges per user per month, and each email account provides 50 GB of mailbox storage. WorkMail also limits each user to a 25-MB maximum outgoing and incoming email size.

WorkMail security and compliance features

With Amazon WorkMail, a system administrator chooses the geographic region in which data resides. WorkMail also integrates with the AWS Key Management Service (KMS) to automatically encrypt data at rest and enable encryption key management to secure sensitive data.

WorkMail includes email journals as an additional security feature. The service records all emails sent to and from any user in an organization, and then sends a copy of those emails to an address that admins specify.

Available integrations with WorkMail

WorkMail integrates with a host of different devices and clients. The service coordinates with Microsoft Outlook clients on a variety of operating systems and mobile devices that support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol.

An enterprise can integrate its existing corporate directory, such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD), with WorkMail through the use of two native tools: AWS Directory Service AD Connector or AWS Directory Service for Microsoft AD Enterprise Edition. An admin can also choose to let WorkMail create and manage a Simple AD directory that dynamically adds users as they receive WorkMail credentials.

The service supports interoperability that will allow an enterprise to use the same corporate domain on Microsoft Exchange (2010 and 2013 versions) and Amazon WorkMail. After enabling interoperability, an admin can use WorkMail to manage shared users, groups, resources and contacts located in a Microsoft Exchange server. But, an admin must disable interoperability support to create new WorkMail resources then enable it again to synchronize with the Exchange Server.

This was last updated in April 2018

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