Liquidware FlexApp

Liquidware FlexApp is an application layering tool that allows IT to deliver department-specific remote applications to users separately from their virtual desktops at login.

FlexApp is designed to support nonpersistent virtual desktop deployments, because it can deliver groups of applications that run as if they are native to Windows operating systems through Windows 10. Delivering applications separately on top of a virtual desktop operating sytem allows information technology administrators to manage fewer golden images and update apps separately from base images.

FlexApp is included in the company's ProfileUnity user environment management platform, but it is also available as a standalone product. Using FlexApp within ProfileUnity allows IT to control users' profiles, data, settings and applications from a separate location than the virtual desktops. The FlexApp Packaging Console configures application packages and communicates with the ProfileUnity Management Console to allow resources to follow workers from endpoint to endpoint. ProfileUnity and FlexApp are compatible with both physical and virtual machines.

Liquidware FlexApp supports Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop and VMware Horizon View virtual desktop and application deployments, but it requires some additional infrastructure to work with View desktops. FlexApp stores packages of department-specific applications in containers within dynamically expanding virtual hard disks in Microsoft and Citrix deployments or virtual machine disk files (VMDKs) in VMware environments. VMware shops need to install an additional component named FlexDisk, a server management technology that distributes VMDKs.

FlexApp resolves compatibility issues between apps with its Micro Isolation feature, which redirects any data requests by a layered application to a new, separate version of a file, folder or registry key, temporarily creating two versions. FlexApp does not fully isolate virtualized applications, but IT can use it with other virtualization tools to isolate apps, such as VMware ThinApp and Microsoft App-V.

FlexApp supports Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10, Windows Server 2008 and 2012 and Remote Desktop Session Host servers.

This was last updated in May 2016

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