programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing is the automation of marketing efforts. It involves the creation of intelligent content, which allows deliverables to be reassembled and repurposed to meet the demands of specific delivery platforms and audiences, as well as programmtic advertising, which allows ads to be purchased and dynamically placed on websites or in apps.

Programmatic advertisng allows marketers to hold an auction every time a website loads. Before any content is delivered, an algorithm determines which company is willing to pay the most for the ad space. This algorithm uses information received from the web browser and compares it to pre-defined values set by the bidding companies. After a winner is determined, the content associated with that particular condition gets delivered -- all within the span of milliseconds.

This approach allows companies to create highly targeted marketing content for very specific demographics; whereas prior methods might involve day and time, programmatic methodologies can account for age, gender, geolocation, or even browsing habits. The perceived benefit is being able to deliver the exact content to the right potential buyer at the perfect time.

This was last updated in May 2017

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