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Quiz: IT's Greek to me!

Do you speak G(r)eek? We bet you know more words than you'd think. How many can you guess correctly?

1. If you think your computer has a mean streak, you're exhibiting this, the tendency to think of non-humans as having human characteristics. The term comes from the Greek words for human and shape.
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2. This term comes from a Greek word for a leaf of paper glued to a manuscript volume, describing its contents. In networking, it's the special set of rules that end points in a telecommunication connection use when they communicate.
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3. We sometimes use this word to describe a computing environment with interoperable devices from different manufacturers. The term comes from Greek words for other and kind .
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4. This term for a pattern or example of something comes from a Greek word meaning to show side by side . ( Hint: Watch out for these -- they have a tendency to shift! )
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5. The science of information security takes its name from a Greek word for hidden .
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6. This memory aid sometimes takes the form of a verbal device, such as a rhyme that is learned to help remember something. We get the term from a Greek word meaning mindful .
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7. From a Greek word meaning cooperation , we get this concept describing how two or more entities can work together to create an effect greater than the sum of their efforts.
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8. Derived from a Greek word for significant , this is the study of meaning.
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9. The word we use to describe writing that proceeds in one direction on one line (such as from left to right) and then in the reverse direction on the next line (such as from right to left) is a Greek word for turning an ox in a field.
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10. This term, for an artificially manufactured or synthesized molecule built up from branched units called monomers, derives from a Greek word for tree.
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How many could you guess correctly? Let us know!

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This was last updated in August 2008
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