Caringo Swarm

Caringo Swarm is object storage software sold by Caringo Inc.

Designed to store unstructured data on unified storage software, Caringo Swarm runs on x86 hardware. It stores data such as email, documents, audio, video, and medical images and records. The software provides data protection, data management, organization and search in one platform. Swarm is compatible with Windows applications, CIFS or NFS servers, and Amazon S3.

Originally released as CAStor, Caringo renamed the product Swarm and added support for iSCSI and Hadoop. The vendor also upped support to more than 100 petabytes (PB) from CAStor's original 60 PB.

Caringo Swarm uses caching and a unique algorithm to reduce overhead and the need for manual management. Using the Darkive adaptive power conservation tool, Swarm can also reduce an organization's power consumption. Swarm boots from bare-metal storage and runs from RAM, which frees 95% of its hard drive capacity for storage. Erasure coding distributes data across different locations.

Jonathan Ring
Caringo CEO and founder


Storage objects are managed in a flat address space. Rather than using a standard file system or database, Caringo Swarm stores information as metadata within objects that can be more easily scaled. This scalability makes the software adaptable to organizations of various sizes and a good choice for cloud storage.

Search function

Swarm's built-in search engine assigns unique identifiers to individual objects. The search function can then track these objects even if the physical location of the data is not known.

Tony Barbagallo
Caringo's VP of Product

Users can search metadata with an object and export the search results in Javascript Object notation or XML format for analysis. Results can be viewed immediately from a portal or analyzed through Hadoop using the SwarmFS feature. Searches can be organized by content description or keywords.

Caringo FileFly software

In 2015, Caringo updated Swarm with its FileFly software. This Windows-based application allows users to move data from file-based primary storage like Windows Storage Server or NetApp to Caringo Swarm. The FileFly software replaced Caringo's Linux-based Content File Server.

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