Zachary Rudzki

Manager -

TechNexus Venture Collaborative -

IoT Agenda

Zak is a manager at TechNexus Venture Collaborative. Prior to joining, he was a strategy associate at NexLP, a Chicago-based artificial intelligence startup, where he successfully repositioned the company, increased operational scalability and led the expansion of products and services into new markets.

Previously, Zak was a cyber wargaming consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) in Washington, D.C. At BAH, he worked with government and private industry leaders to design U.S. cybersecurity exercises that tested the country's ability to respond to global cyberattacks.

After finishing in the top three of BAH's Techstars-led internal startup competition to develop next-generation cybersolutions, his interest in pushing startups' success further faster was secured. He realized the innovation power enterprises and entrepreneurs have together.

Zak's relentless curiosity morphed from obsession to profession. It's that energy that has allowed him to identify answers to tomorrow's unconventional problems.